Energy Efficiency & Sustainability

We envision a world where windows, doors, and skylights figure prominently in creating smarter spaces, happier humans, and a prosperous planet.

Our Mission

NFRC is committed to advancing continuous improvement of windows, doors, and skylights, contributing to making buildings more comfortable and energy-efficient. 

Our Vision

NFRC empowers people to create better buildings, increasing public awareness of energy efficiency and environmental responsibility, thereby enriching the wellness of those who choose NFRC certified fenestration products. 

NFRC has sharpened the focus of its strategic plan to better serve our
stakeholders in the post-pandemic world.


  • Newfound spirit of cooperation throughout the green building community
  • Public views healthier homes and buildings as a necessity
  • Consumers want to make more energy-efficient choices but need help

Our Focus

Infographic - Our Focus


  • Spread the word – Help others understand how our work helps create better homes and buildings.
  • Share high-level insight – We can all learn from each other’s expertise.
  • Open doors – Introduce your colleagues to influential people in your networks.

This sharpened focus is guided by market research conducted by NFRC during January 2022.

Our Impact

NFRC establishes fair, accurate and credible energy efficiency ratings for windows, doors, and skylights. 

Get a copy of NFRC’s Carbon Emissions Summary Report here

NFRC Environmental Stewarship

NFRC is committed to sustainable business practices and reducing the environmental impact of our facility and operations.

NFRC Internal Sustainability Practices

  • Nearly 100% remote staff
  • Downsized headquarters
  • Office location was selected to require least amount of commuting for in-person staff meetings
  • NFRC recycles all paper, cardboard, glass, and plastic
  • Daylighting used to reduce need for artificial lighting
  • Bottleless water cooler reduces single use water bottles
  • Net-zero carbon emissions from facility and operations achieved through reduction of resource use, virtual meetings, and Terrapass carbon offsets

NFRC Meetings

  • Reduced in-person balloting meetings from two (2) to one (1) a year
  • Online meeting app eliminates the need for printed program and materials  


DMW 2019 Green Awards recipient NFRC received the honor for making its mark on the green market for empowering people to compare windows, doors, and skylights that can help make homes and buildings more comfortable and energy-efficient. 

Annual Sustainability Sponsors

Exclusive opportunities available. Expand your reach and support NFRC’s sustainability efforts all year with annual sponsorship opportunities. 

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NFRC is proud member of the USGBC


Member of EEBA

Member of the MD Green Registry

Terrapass Carbon Balanced


Learn more about NFRC’s sustainability efforts by contacting Tom Herron, NFRC Senior Director Market Insight and Transformation