Exemption / Extension Requests

Program participants may formally request exemptions or extensions from NFRC Certification Program requirements.

There are three types of requests:

  1. Six month extension of Certification Authorization
  2. Exemption request pertaining to a certification / testing requirement
  3. Extension for IG Certification requirement

To request an exemption or extension, please download and complete a request form below, and submit the form to the appropriate NFRC entity.

Six Month Extension Request – Submitted to Manufacturer IA

  • An NFRC Certification Program participant may request a six-month extension of certification authorization from their designated NFRC Licensed Inspection Agency (IA). This request shall be submitted in accordance with the recertification section within the NFRC 700.
  • Request form (Word) (PDF)

Certification / Testing Exemption request – Submitted to Manufacturer IA

  • A licensee may make requests to NFRC for the grant of an exemption from compliance or for an extension of time to achieve compliance with a specific requirement of the Program Document applicable to that licensee.
  • Protocol (Please read first prior to completing a request form)
  • Request form (Word) (PDF)

IG Certification Extension Request – Submitted to NFRC Staff

  • A participating fenestration manufacturer or IG manufacturer may request to receive an extension to meet the requirements for IG Certification. (Please choose one of the two types of extension requests.)
    • Initial extension:
      • Used for an initial IG extensionrequestfor each separate request scenario.
        (Word) (PDF)
    • Second extension –Petitioner must provide each of the following:
      • An IG extensionrequestpertaining to an initial extension request that was previously granted. (Word) (PDF)
      • A Second IG Certification Extension Request Notification form. (Word) (PDF)
  • An IGC Program, on behalf of their participating fenestration manufacturer or IG manufacturer, may request of NFRC to receive an extension to meet the requirements for New Technologies within the IG Certification.
    • IG Certification New Technologies Extension Request Form:
      • Used for an initial IG extension request for each separate request scenario.
        (Word) (PDF)

NOTE: Prior to submitting IG Extension requests, please be sure to discuss the specifics of your request with your IG Certification (IGC) representative. The IGC may provide additional insight to achieving positive IG testing results; as well as possibly providing temporary certification for certain issues.