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Site Built Program (as per NFRC 100 - 2004; Section 5.6- Non-Residential Products)

Program Outline: Process

I. The process begins when an architect or building owner specifies NFRC Certified performance ratings for the fenestration products installed on a building or when a local or state building code requires NFRC Certified performance ratings.

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II. The architect, building owner, glazing contractor or curtain wall manufacturer or other supplier assumes the role of "responsible party" - the party that is taking responsibility for the energy performance ratings of the site-built fenestration system. The responsible party then must contact NFRC for certification program requirements.

III. The responsible party chooses either the "certified product" or the "certified project" option and contacts an NFRC accredited IA, accredited simulation laboratory and accredited testing laboratory (see attached list). The difference between the two options are:

IV. The accredited simulator reviews the fenestration schedule and drawings for the "certified project" and determines the number of product lines to be rated (based on the requirements of NFRC 100-SB and typically representing operator type, frame type, spacer type, etc.). In the case of certified products the simulator simply asks for the drawings/specifications of the product that is to be certified.

V. Once the specific product lines are identified, the simulator models the product(s) and determines its energy performance characteristics (U-factor, SHGC, VT).

VI. The responsible party sends the appropriate specimen to a thermal test lab (one specimen for each product line) in order to validate the U-factor rating from the accredited simulator.

VII. The test lab and simulation lab send copies of the test reports to the chosen accredited IA, who reviews the results and checks the test sample specifications with the original drawings and spec's submitted to the simulator. If the IA feels that the product meets the requirements of NFRC, he/she issues a Certification Authorization Report.

NOTE: The responsible party may request that the curtain wall supplier provide the testing and simulation ratings for the fenestration system to be installed on a project (in accordance with NFRC 100-SB). In this case, the responsible party forwards the reports to the IA for review and issuance of the Certification Authorization Report.

VIII. The responsible party signs a license agreement with NFRC authorizing the use of the NFRC name and logo on certified products.

IX. The responsible party works with the IA to complete the Label Certificate. One copy of the Label Certificate is sent to the NFRC office and both the IA and responsible party keep a copy for their files. Finally, the signed Label Certificate is posted on site.

X. NFRC and the IA retain the right to inspect the responsible parties' files for maintenance of the Label Certificate and appropriate specifications.

For more information on the Site-Built Certification and Rating Program, contact the NFRC office at info[at] .