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NFRC administers three programs to ensure that the energy performance ratings found on NFRC Labels are fair, uniform and credible. These programs include: the Product Certification Program (or PCP) that establishes the rules under which a fenestration manufacturer can rate and label products; the Certification Agency Program (CAP) that establishes the rules by which our third party licensed Independent Certification and Inspection Agencies (IA's) operate; and the Laboratory Accreditation Program (LAP) that establishes rules and regulations for assuring that test and simulation labs are providing uniform ratings.

NFRC's Ratings Program exists to obtain energy performance ratings for various fenestration products, you may search our extensive NFRC Certified Products Directory: a directory containing energy performance information for over 1.67 million fenestration product options listed by over 700 manufacturers.

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Certification Agency Program (CAP)

NFRC Accredited Testing & Simulation Laboratories and Licensed Independent Agencies participate in the CAP to meet the requirements set forth in the NFRC 701 and 702 documents.

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Laboratory Accreditation Program (LAP)

The Laboratory Accreditation Program sets forth requirements applicable to a testing or simulation laboratory that wishes to participate in the NFRC Certification Program, including guidelines to become accredited under the Accreditation Program and to conduct day-to-day operations under the program.

Compliance and Monitoring Program (CAMP)

In addition to the NFRC programs that create and support the fair and credible ratings of wondows and window products, NFRC also monitors NFRC-licensed program participants to ensure that program requirements are met. This responsibility may be fulfilled through among other measures, requests and inspections initiated by NFRC staff, NFRC-licensed IAs, and contractors, and requests/comments from other stakeholders (code officials, etc.) as deemed appropriate by NFRC.

CMA iconComponent Modeling Approach Product Certification Program (CMA PCP) NFRC's Component Modeling Approach (CMA) Product Certification Program enables whole product energy performance ratings for commercial (non-residential) projects. The concept behind component modeling is performance data from the three primary commercial constructioncomponents that make up a fenestration product are used for obtaining an overall product performance rating.

The Component Modeling Approach Software Tool (CMAST) establishes a set of performance libraries of approved components (frames, glass, and spacer) which can be accessed for configuring fenestration products for a project, and obtaining a U-factor, Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC), and Visible Transmittance (VT) rating for those products, which can then be reflected in a CMA Label Certificate for code compliance. CMAST is web-based as well as client-based.

Calculation Entity Approval Program (CEAP)

The CEAP sets forth requirements applicable to legal entities that wish to participate in the NFRC Component Modeling Approach Product Certification Program (CMA-PCP) as an Approved Calculation Entity (ACE) Organization that is authorized to provide performance calculations of fenestration products and issue CMA Label Certificates using the services of individuals who have received Certificates of Approval as Approved Calculation Entities (ACEs) under the CEAP.

Site Built

In addition to the NFRC Component Modeling Approach Product Certification Program (CMA PCP), NFRC has a certification program in place for site-built or field-assembled products that is part of the current NFRC Product Certification Program (NFRC-PCP) which parallels the residential certification program.

In order to address the needs of the commercial fenestration industry, NFRC developed a site-built product certification program in 1999 and recently approved a NEW nonresidential rating procedure where component data is utilized for obtaining whole product ratings, the NFRC CMA PCP.

Spectral Data

Information For Glass Manufacturers, Fabricators and Distributors On the NFRC Site-Built Program

young woman lookingIndependent Verification Program

As a recognized Certification Body (CB) for the ENERGY STARĀ® Windows, Doors and Skylights program, NFRC is required to introduce an Independent Verification Program (IVP) to the NFRC Product Certification Program. The NFRC Board approved the development of a verification program to meet the needs of the EPA requirement.

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The IVP will involve verifying the performance ratings of ENERGY STAR qualified and NFRC certified and labeled fenestration products sold in the market that agrees with the performance ratings listed in the NFRC Certified Products Directory.

ANS Standards

The National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC), a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization, is an American National Standard Institute (ANSI) Accredited Standards Developer (ASD) and develops and administers comparative energy and related rating programs for fenestration products.

As an ANSI ASD, NFRC intends to submit designated NFRC rating procedures for recognition as American National Standards under ANSI’s Essential Requirements. The NFRC rating procedures to be reviewed are “NFRC 100: Procedure for Determining Fenestration Product U-factors,” “NFRC 200: Procedure for Determining Fenestration Product Solar Heat Gain Coefficient and Visible Transmittance at Normal Incidence,” and “NFRC 400: Procedure for Determining Fenestration Product Air Leakage.”