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Product Certification Program (PCP)

NFRC administers three programs to ensure that the energy performance ratings found on NFRC Labels are fair, uniform, and credible.

PCP icon These programs include: the Product Certification Program that establishes the rules under which a fenestration manufacturer PCP icon can rate and label products; the Certification Agency Program (CAP) that establishes the rules by which our third party licensed Independent Certification and Inspection Agencies (IAs) operate; and the Laboratory Accreditation Program (LAP) that establishes rules and regulations for assuring that test and simulation labs are providing uniform ratings.

For more information on the NFRC Product Certification Program, and how to become a Rating's Program Participant, visit the NFRC Community website.

PCP Documents, Policies, and Bulletins can be located within the NFRC Community website as well.

NFRC provides the guidelines that have authorized over 775 manufacturerscarpenter assembling a window to label and certify nearly 8000 product lines and more than twenty-four million fenestration product options. All of this information is available to the public for free through NFRC’s Certified Products Directory, the nation’s leading source of fair, accurate, and credible information on fenestration product energy performance.