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Independent Verification Program

On March 4, 2013, the NFRC’s Board of Directors approved the NFRC 713 program document for the NFRC Independent Verification Program (IVP). The NFRC IVP was implemented on May 1, 2013.

What is the IVP?

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The IVP is a program to verify the performance ratings of ENERGY STARĀ® qualified products. This program ensures that ENERGY STAR products continue to perform in the marketplace as originally designed and certified. Please note that this program is only for ENERGY STAR Partners. The IVP is not required for ENERGY STAR Canada partners.

How does and ENERGY STAR Partner participate?

To help administer the IVP, NFRC requires each ENERGY STAR Partner to complete a two-step enrollment process. Step one requires Partners to complete and submit the NFRC IVP Participation Form. Step two requires the Partner to designate ENERGY STAR qualified product lines that are available for sale. By satisfactorily completing both steps in the enrollment process and paying associated IVP fees, the Partner is considered a participant in the NFRC IVP.

IVP Enrollment Process (Step 1):

The IVP Participation Form is available online and in a PDF document for your convenience.

Submit form online:

Submit Downloaded Form via email or Fax:

Request by Fax:

Designate ENERGY STAR Product Lines (Step 2):

Participants will provide details about which product lines include ENERGY STAR qualified product options that are available for sale.

If necessary, NFRC Inspection Agencies and NFRC staff are authorized to access the online tool to assist Partners with completing this step in the enrollment process.

Note: Qualifying product options in the selected product lines must carry the appropriate ENERGY STAR label, per your partnership agreement with EPA. Similarly, no product options in non-ENERGY STAR product lines are permitted to carry the ENERGY STAR label.

Partners are required to complete and submit the IVP Participation Form and ENERGY STAR Product Line Identification to NFRC.

IVP Fees:

The data collected from the IVP Participation Form and ENERGY STAR Product Line Identification webpage will be used to calculate the appropriate IVP fees for each Partner. All IVP participation and product line fees will be invoiced in after the enrollment process has been completed.

IVP fees are available for review in the NFRC Fee Schedule: NFRC 704

ENERGY STAR Version 6 Information::

IVP for Version 6 Presentation

IVP Version 6 FAQs


For IVP questions or to provide comments on the program documents forward all correspondence to NFRC staff at IVP[at]