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Educational Programs

The National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) provides continuing education courses taught by industry experts. These courses offer unique insight to those seeking to make their homes and buildings more energy efficient.

NFRC's ratings programs play a vital role in achieving greener, more sustainable buildings, and its continuing education courses are a solid investment in your organization's future. They will prepare your staff to better serve your customers by strengthening their expertise, which will ultimately improve your stature among your stakeholders.

Currently, an introductory course, NFRC 101: How Does the NFRC Rating System Work? is available for 1 AIA credit through the NFRC community website.

The program discusses NFRC energy performance ratings as the nation’s primary mechanism for achieving or exceeding fenestration building energy code compliance. The program explains the exacting process that drives the development and implementation of this mechanism. It guides participants on a journey, beginning with how NFRC creates databases containing fenestration component energy performance information and showing how fenestration product manufacturers use these data to design their products.

To access this course, please visit the NFRC’s Online Learning page on the community website.

Additionally, NFRC attends nearly 50 trade shows, conferences, and meetings annually, teaching the public how and why to demand certified products while explaining how to interpret the values found on the NFRC energy performance rating label. NFRC also analyzes industry trends and opportunities and delivers them directly to your mailbox in our Insider newsletter, educating you on the market factors that can help you grow your businesses.

Finally, NFRC serves on the U.S. Green Building Council’s Educational Outreach Committee, gaining insight on how to promote certified fenestration products as an integral part of the integrated design concept, which leads to greener and more sustainable homes and buildings. We share this information with you through our newsletters and bulletins, so you can determine for yourself how the public’s perception of green value impacts your sales efforts and plan accordingly.

For more information on NFRC Educational Programs, contact NFRC at info[at]