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Look up the code

look up the energy code

Each state references or develops a building energy code using national energy codes such as ASHRAE 90.1 and the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC).  To determine which code your state references, click on your state to read the residential and commercial energy code required.  Once the code is identified, you may obtain the code from local authorities, purchase it online, or contact IECC and ASHRAE to purchase.

You can look up the energy code online. The Online Code Environment & Advocacy Network (OCEAN) is a great place to start.

Label Certificate Search

search for the label certificate

NFRC provides commercial window ratings for all window products on a particular project.  You can search for the window energy ratings using the label certificate number, project name, zip code, and location.  You can do a "Product" or "State" search for a label certificate using NFRC's Commercial Fenestration Certified Products Tool

no label certificate?

Most energy codes require NFRC ratings or direct manufacturers to use punitive default values found in the relevant energy code.  If the window products you are inspecting have no rating, you may assign it the default value based on your state’s energy code default. Details...

NFRC can help

NFRC can help

NFRC provides continuing education courses taught by industry experts. These courses offer unique insight to those seeking to make their homes and buildings more energy efficient. NFRC’s ratings programs play a vital role in achieving greener, more sustainable buildings, and its continuing education courses are a solid investment in your organization’s future. They will prepare your staff to better serve your customers by strengthening their expertise, which will ultimately improve your stature among your stakeholders.



NFRC has many factsheets to assist you with understanding the rating and certification process. Click above to access a fact sheet identifying ten clear reasons it is the right choice for the industry, as well as fact sheets covering various other important topics.

NFRC 101 video

Video - How Does the NFRC Rating System Work?

If you have questions about the commercial fenestration rating process, NFRC has an online video that explains the Component Modeling Approach.