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The NFRC's Component Modeling Approach (CMA) Product Certification Program enables whole product energy performance ratings for commercial (non-residential) projects. The concept behind component modeling is performance data from the three primary components that make up a fenestration product are used for obtaining an overall product performance rating.

Three primary components used are:

The Component Modeling Approach Software Tool (CMAST) establishes a set of performance libraries of approved components (frames, glass, and spacer) which can be accessed for configuring fenestration products for a project, and obtaining a U-factor, Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC), and Visible Transmittance (VT) rating for those products, which can then be reflected in a CMA Label Certificate for code compliance.  CMAST is web-based as well as client-based. 

The completed CMA program and software tool is useful in several ways for a vast array of stakeholders in the industry:

commercial construction

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Documents and Resources:

CMA Software Tool (CMAST)

CMAST Support and Information

CMA PCP Bulletins

CMA ACE page

CMA Certified Products Directory (CPD) - (please note you can get to the CMA-CPD from the login screen of CMAST and you do not need to register to view the CMA-CPD)

Technical Documents

Program Documents

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