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Compliance and Monitoring Program (CAMP)

NFRC labels are an essential component of Energy Code enforcement in determining if window, door, and skylight products meet local code requirements for U-factor and Solar Heat Gain Coefficient.

In addition to the NFRC programs that create and support the fair and credible ratings of windows and window products, NFRC also monitors NFRC-licensed program participants to ensure that program requirements are met. This responsibility may be fulfilled through among other measures, requests and inspections initiated by NFRC staff, NFRC-licensed IAs, and contractors, and requests/comments from other stakeholders (code officials, etc.) as deemed appropriate by NFRC.

In order to meet NFRC's obligations and duties under its programs and under law and to protect NFRC's legal rights, NFRC has established a program for monitoring activity and assessing fines and/or other remedial actions applicable to certain activities that are prohibited by law or by contract.

NFRC program participants who have license agreements with NFRC have contractually agreed to comply with the obligations of the Compliance and Monitoring Program, including payment of fines and compliance with remedial action imposed under this program.

NFRC seeks to have parties who are not NFRC licensees voluntarily comply with the fines and remedial actions prescribed under the NFRC’s rating and certification program. NFRC also retains its rights under federal and state laws to seek damages and injunctive relief against any party that infringes NFRC’s certification mark and related marks and copyrights.

For more information on the Compliance and Monitoring Program view the document that guides the CAMP, NFRC 707